Help the Hen save her Chicks in FlusterCluck!

Please enjoy our prototype created for VimJam 2020,

Presented by 8 Bits to Infinity!

Thanks for playing!

For an added fun time, I forgot to disable my dev shortcuts, so backspace will blow up your hen, delete will kill your chicks, and shift will reload the level. All of which were for no purpose except my own fun!

In this version it is impossible to 100% the second level, but you can still beat it.

In the new version, you can manually speed up your chick-hen conga line!

The typo in the 'How to Play' section is gone, if you even caught it, haha.

Play the Current Version Here! 


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It's fun, but I feel like the game needs to speed up a bit :)

Thanks for the feedback. I think if I ever go back to this project I would remove the timed hopping altogether.


Wow, this is an awesome concept. It's kinda like snake mixed with some type of Mario Party minigame, if that makes sense, lol. Really fun to play, and the music is GREAT! One thing I might suggest is a hard mode where you move faster, as once I got the hang of the controls/flow it felt just a tad bit slow, but that's really minor. I love it, you did a great job!

Thank you! I’m planning to keep this going, so that’s a wonderful piece of feedback.


This is definitely a cool style. And great music!

Thank you so much! :D


its a fun and a cool game

Thank you!


So jazzy and the gameplay is clever, just love it!

Thank you so much!